Supplier Test Reporting

A major component of the ACRS Scheme is the periodic review and Approval by ACRS of the manufacture of all materials' types supplied to the appropriate Standard/s by each Certified Firm. This approval is a vital part of ACRS certification, ensuring that all parties relying on ACRS certification can be confident that ongoing supply by ACRS Certified Firms of the materials listed on an ACRS certificate consistently meet AS/NZ Standards.

To enable ACRS to undertake this activity, test results must be reported every three months by each Certified Firm for all materials for which the firm is certified, for each location manufacturing materials to AS/NZS Standards, together with a binding declaration covering all materials types supplied by that Certified Firm from that location.

If no Approved Materials, or none of a particular type have been manufactured at that location during that quarter, it is to be indicated on the product declaration by a “zero” and the previous quarter’s test data submission for that product is to again be submitted, unamended.

From 1 January 2007:

Test results for all Assessable Materials produced between:

  1. 1 October and 31 December shall be reported to ACRS no later than 28 January
  2. 1 January and 31 March shall be reported to ACRS no later than 28 April
  3. 1 April and 30 June shall be reported to ACRS no later than 28 July
  4. 1 July and 30 September shall be reported to ACRS no later than 28 October.

Late submission or incomplete submission of test data will result in the issue of a non-conformance to the Certified Firm.

Failure to provide test data for, and notification of, materials assessable under the ACRS Scheme for any period, or repeated late or incomplete submission will result in suspension of that Firm’s certification until ACRS is satisfied that all Assessable Materials have been assessed and confirmed as compliant with the relevant Standard.

Supply of any non-Approved Materials to a certified Standard may result in termination of the Firm’s certification and its removal from the roll of ACRS Certified Firms.