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What’s the deal with NZ steel? ACRS speaks to BOINZ TV


Steel is the most important structural material in many projects, and used across New Zealand to make buildings earthquake safe. But while all steel looks the same, it isn’t. 

Most steel used in NZ is imported, via long supply chains, and processed separately after fabrication. This makes it very challenging to know whether the steel being used meets NZ Standards, project requirements and specifications – without independent certification. ACRS Executive Director Dr Andrew Wheeler joined the Building Officials Institute of New Zealand, or BOINZ, to share his insights on the safety and conformity of steel.

Andrew also discussed the rise in demand from industry and government for steel with environmental credentials. ACRS introduced Sustainable Constructional Steel Certification last year to measure constructional steel against the highest global environmental, social and ethical standards. The Scheme aligns to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and monitors a comprehensive range of criteria through the global supply chain, including ethical business practices; modern slavery, human rights and labour conditions; environmental impacts (including circular economy and climate change); fair supplier treatment and the socio-economic impacts of the steel value chain.

Watch the video below to see the full interview:

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