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ACRS and CARES launch new Australasian sustainable steel certification scheme


ACRS set to raise the bar with new sustainable steel certification scheme Scheme enables consumers, industry & government to confidently source high quality constructional steels produced ..more>

ACRS 2021 Certificates Are Online With Some Important Changes


Welcome to 2021! Whilst 2020 has been a year we would all like to move on from, the effects of the last year have created some perverse effects we all need to be aware of and manage. Tog..more>

Exploding the myths - How to avoid getting steel that is not ACRS certified


The construction industry is seeing a welcome increase of interest in product certification across a range of building materials and linked processes. ACRS 2-stage audit and verification process f..more>

ACRS verifies steel from source to site via unique 2-stage process


Ensuring that the construction steels used on Australian and New Zealand prpjects conform with relevant Australian and New Zealand requirements - irrespective of country of origin - is of paramoun..more>

ACRS Covid update – 18 August 2020


Covid-19 presents the most significant impact on supply chains in recent memory. It has forced businesses to examine their supply chains and the means to best maintain them through the resulting d..more>

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