ACRS Certificates

Manufacturers of Steel Mesh to AS/NZS4671

Current Certificate holders are as follows (click on the certificate numbers to see Scope of Certification details)

  1. All certificates are current for the Calendar year, 1 January to 31 December.
  2. An ACRS Certificate is the statement of conformity issued by the Authority which attests that the Firm named on the Certificate below:
    a) conforms to the Scheme Rules and relevant Product Requirements; and
    b) is subject to Evaluation by the Authority.
  3. Please note, ACRS certificates may be updated from time to time. All ACRS certificates are therefore uncontrolled when printed, or downloaded. Always check the scope and detail of an ACRS certificate by viewing it from this site.
  4. If you have any questions regarding ACRS certificates, please contact ACRS office.

There are three classes of ACRS Certificate that may be displayed on this page: Producer Certificates, Technical Approval Certificates, and Non-Producer Certificates.

A Producer Certificate is issued for the listed Scheme Approved Materials currently produced by the Certified Firm and supplied to an AS/NZS or other published Standard.
A Technical Approval Certificate is issued by the Authority for Scheme Approved Materials supplied to a technical specification not otherwise eligible for a Producer Certificate to provide information on the technical evaluation of the performance of the manufacturer’s product or kit listed on the Certificate.
A Non-Producer Certificate is issued by the Authority where the listed Assessable Materials are not currently produced by the Certified Firm, for Approval by the Authority. Such materials will be subject to review by the Authority and issue of a Producer Certificate before any recommencement of supply by the Certified Firm.

Please refer to the ACRS Product Scheme Rules (ADM 002) and List of Applicable Product Requirements (ADM 002-01) for full details (available on this website).
Company Location City/State Country Status Date Certificate Type Tag Marking
Mesh & Bar Pty Ltd  Redbank  QLD  Australia  Certified  01/03/2010  100302 Product- AS/NZS 
Mesh & Bar Pty Ltd  Glendenning  NSW  Australia  Certified  01/05/2010  100503 Product- AS/NZS 
ARC The Australian Reinforcing Company  Forrestfield  WA  Australia  Voluntary Relinquishment  22/07/2016  N/A 
Kumkang Steel Tech & Engineering  Hwaseong-Si     South Korea  Terminated for non-compliance  31/12/2018  N/A 
Engtex Metals Sdn Bhd    Jalan Kuala Selangor  Malaysia  Terminated for non-compliance  31/03/2016  N/A 
Xinglian Steel Mesh  Shenzhen  Guangdong  China  Certified  04/02/2014  140201 Product- AS/NZS 
Reomart   Canning Vale   WA  Australia   Certified  26/08/2014  140806 Product- AS/NZS 
Mesh & Bar Pty Ltd  Derrimut  VIC  Australia  Certified  31/08/2015  150804 Product- AS/NZS 
Tianjin TianKang Metal Products Co., Ltd.  ZhangJiaFang, TuanBo   Jinghai, Tianjin  China  Certified  26/08/2016  160802 Product- AS/NZS 
Kamen Steel Industries Sdn. Bhd  Bukit Mertajam  Penang  Malaysia  Certified  16/12/2016  161203 Product- AS/NZS 
RM Wire Industries Sdn Bhd    Johor Bahru  Malaysia  Certified  05/09/2017  170902 Product- AS/NZS 
Fero Reinforcing  Kewdale  WA  Australia  Certified  31/05/2018  180501 Product- AS/NZS 
Beijing Xingtai Steel Weldmesh  Tongzhou  Beijing  China  Certified  25/02/2020  200203 Product- AS/NZS 
EC Excel Wire, SDN BHD  Kuantan  Pahang  Malaysia  Certified  10/06/2021  210601 Product- AS/NZS 
Bianco Reinforcing  Gepps Cross  SA  Australia  Certified  01/11/2003  31104 Product- AS/NZS 
Neumann Steel  Currumbin  QLD  Australia  Certified  01/11/2003  31105 Product- AS/NZS 
InfraBuild Construction Solutions  Acacia Ridge  QLD  Australia  Certified  01/11/2003  31106 Product- AS/NZS 
InfraBuild Construction Solutions  Revesby  NSW  Australia  Certified  01/11/2003  31107 Product- AS/NZS 
ARC The Australian Reinforcing Company  Sunshine  VIC  Australia  Certified  01/11/2003  31111 Product- AS/NZS 
Active Steel  Penrith  NSW  Australia  Site Closed  30/11/2014  N/A 
NatSteel Holdings Pty Ltd  Singapore Mill    Singapore  Certified  01/02/2006  60601 Product- AS/NZS 
Wire Industries  Glendenning  NSW  Australia  Certified  01/12/2006  61202 Product- AS/NZS 
Southern Steel Mesh  Klang  Selangor  Malaysia  Voluntary Relinquishment  01/02/2017  N/A 
Ausreo Pty Ltd  Wetherill Park  NSW  Australia  Certified  01/11/2008  81102 Product- AS/NZS 
Best Bar Pty Ltd  Truganina  VIC  Australia  Certified  01/03/2009  90302 Product- AS/NZS 
Best Bar Pty Ltd  East Rockingham  WA  Australia  Certified  01/03/2009  90303 Product- AS/NZS 
Ausreo Pty Ltd  North Sunshine  VIC  Australia  Voluntary Relinquishment  22/12/2015  N/A