The ACRS Product Certification Scheme

The ACRS Product Certification Scheme

Scheme Details

What is ACRS Product Certification?

ACRS Product Certification was developed to meet the needs of users of steel construction products manufactured to Australian and New Zealand Standards. Since commencing operations in 2000, ACRS has acquired extensive experience in designing and operating certification schemes to meet the needs of the construction industry.

ACRS' product certification covers processing of raw materials, the manufacture of steel and construction products, and for steel reinforcing materials and welded steel beams the transformation of the incoming steel into the finished form compliant with relevant Standards.

ACRS Certification may cover one, or more of three essential elements of steel supply:
  1. The applicant firms’ quality management system as defined by AS EN ISO 9001: 2008 being confirmed as operating such that the intent of the certified materials Standard is being met
  2. The firm’s control of process in order that material will be produced to a consistent level of compliance to the AS/NZ Standard being certified
  3. The full requirements of the relevant AS/NZ Standards being met by the applicant firm, including continually monitoring the output of testing from accredited laboratories

The control of these elements is incorporated into the requirements of the ACRS Scheme Rules. These Rules are centred around the essential elements of the quality management system combined with additional requirements on process control and product testing as agreed by all relevant sectors of industry. ACRS product certification ensures consistent product conformity to the requirements of the appropriate Standards.

ACRS product certification is therefore comprehensive in its requirements, providing for:

  1. good management control
  2. consistent product and technical conformity
  3. industry developed disciplines and rules
  4. industry developed Standards
  5. independent evaluation by industry professionals

The importance of the ACRS Approved Processor, Fabricator, or Supplier

The ACRS approved Processor, Fabricator, or Supplier is the link between the steel producer and the construction site.

ACRS approval of a reinforcement Processor, or Fabricator ensures that:

Identifying ACRS approved steel on site

All ACRS approved material is labelled and supplied with the necessary electronic or paper documentation to enable the products to be traced. This comprises the ACRS mark and the manufacturer’s unique identification mark, as shown on the ACRS website.

Product Test Certificates

It is not usually necessary to request a "Supplier's declaration of conformity" from an ACRS approved Processor, or Fabricator, as the ACRS Product Scheme is designed to provide the necessary assurance of materials conformity to Scheme Standards.

However, if the need does arise, then the following information should be checked: