The ACRS Product Certification Scheme

The ACRS Product Certification Scheme

Scheme Costs

ACRS is a non-profit organisation and is fully self-funded. The costs of ACRS evaluation activities are covered by specific Evaluation fees.

ACRS Evaluations (usually including test sampling at evaluations), plus the associated periodic performance and data reviews are funded through the cost-neutral fee charged for each evaluation. It is required that Evaluation fees will be paid in full in advance of Evaluation. 
ACRS Evaluations operate on a three-year cycle with an Initial Evaluation in Year 1, and a Surveillance Evaluation in each of Year 2 and Year 3. The same cycle will be repeated in following years. Additional Evaluations may be undertaken by the Authority where required by the Scheme Rules. The Evaluation fees listed below include the costs of testing for one grade of material from one process only. Additional testing costs may be invoiced separately.
Additional costs, such as international travel, or additional Assessor hours will be charged in addition to the Evaluation fee, where appropriate. 
Current annual Evaluation Fees are as follows:


Certification Type Initial Evaluation Surveillance Evaluation
Excl. GST Incl. GST1($AUS) Excl. GST Incl. GST1($AUS)

Steelmaking and rolling (Certification Stage 1) 

Bar (DBIL)/Coil (DBIC)2 $18,000 $19,800 $10,300 $11,330
Wire $14,700 $16,170 $8,800 $9,680
Prestress $18,000 $19,800 $10,300 $11,330
Plate/Slab/Strip3 $18,000 $19,800 $10,300 $11,330
Bars/Sections $18,000 $19,800 $10,300 $11,330

Manufacturing, Processing, and Fabricating (Certification Stage 2) 

Hollow Sections4 $18,000 $19,800 $10,300 $11,330
Welded I-Sections $18,000 $19,800 $10,300 $11,330
Bar processing5 $7,900 $8,690 $5,100 $5,610
Mesh manufacturer $12,000 $13,200 $7,400 $8,140
Bolts manufacturer POA POA POA POA

Technical Approval

Steel Reinforcing Couplers POA POA POA POA
Steel Prestressing Materials POA POA POA POA

1 GST to be paid at 10% where applicable.
2 Where a firm manufactures or transforms both bar and bar-in-coil at the same location, only one assessment fee is payable. (additional testing fees may apply)
3 Where a firm manufactures or transforms both HR Flat, Plate/slab, Quenched and tempered plate at the same location, only one assessment fee is payable.(additional testing fees may apply)
4 Where a firm produces cold formed hollow sections to both AS/NZS 1163 or BS EN 10219 at the same location, only one assessment fee is payable. (additional testing fees may apply)
5 Includes supply of finished wire and mesh materials from these sites.


In addition to site assessment fees, ACRS charges an annual fee for each certificate issued. GST is charged on all certificate fees, as the related services are provided in Australia.

Certification Type Fee per certificate  
($AUS) Including GST      

Mill Manufacturer $4,400      
Technical Approval (Mill) $3,300      
Technical Approval (Product) $1650      
Processors & Fabricators $990