ACRS Certificates

Manufacturers of Hot Rolled Bar in Coil to AS/NZS4671

Current Certificate holders are as follows (click on the certificate numbers to see Scope of Certification details)

  1. All certificates are current for the Calendar year, 1 January to 31 December.
  2. An ACRS Certificate is the statement of conformity issued by the Authority which attests that the Firm named on the Certificate below:
    a) conforms to the Scheme Rules and relevant Product Requirements; and
    b) is subject to Evaluation by the Authority.
  3. Please note, ACRS certificates may be updated from time to time. All ACRS certificates are therefore uncontrolled when printed, or downloaded. Always check the scope and detail of an ACRS certificate by viewing it from this site.
  4. If you have any questions regarding ACRS certificates, please contact ACRS office.

There are three classes of ACRS Certificate that may be displayed on this page: Producer Certificates, Technical Approval Certificates, and Non-Producer Certificates.

A Producer Certificate is issued for the listed Scheme Approved Materials currently produced by the Certified Firm and supplied to an AS/NZS or other published Standard.
A Technical Approval Certificate is issued by the Authority for Scheme Approved Materials supplied to a technical specification not otherwise eligible for a Producer Certificate to provide information on the technical evaluation of the performance of the manufacturer’s product or kit listed on the Certificate.
A Non-Producer Certificate is issued by the Authority where the listed Assessable Materials are not currently produced by the Certified Firm, for Approval by the Authority. Such materials will be subject to review by the Authority and issue of a Producer Certificate before any recommencement of supply by the Certified Firm.

Please refer to the ACRS Product Scheme Rules (ADM 002) and List of Applicable Product Requirements (ADM 002-01) for full details (available on this website).
Company Location City/State Country Status Date Certificate Type Tag Marking
Celsa Barcelona Ltd    Barcelona  Spain  Certified  01/08/2010  100801 Product- AS/NZS 
Daehan Steel  Poseung-Eup    South Korea  Certified  20/11/2012  121101 Product- AS/NZS 
Habas    Ismir  Turkey  Certified  20/05/2013  130503 Product- AS/NZS 
Megasa SN Seixal-Siderurgia Nacional SA    Seixal  Portugal  Certified  19/08/2013  131103 Product- AS/NZS 
Sidenor Steel Industrys S.A.    Magnissia  Greece  Voluntary Relinquishment  31/12/19  N/A 
Shandong Shiheng Special Steel Co Ltd  Shiheng  Shandong  China  Terminated for non-compliance  31/12/2017  N/A 
Jiangsu Yonggang Group Co., Ltd.  Zhangjiagang  Jiangsu  China  Terminated for non-compliance with Scheme  31/12/2019  N/A 
Jingye Iron and Steel Co Ltd  Shijiazhuang  Hebei  China  Non Producer  08/12/2020  NP150803 Non Producer 
Zenith Steel Group Co Ltd  Changzhou  Jiangsu  China  Terminated for non-compliance  31/12/2017  N/A 
Tata Steel (Thailand) - NTS   Chonburi    Thailand  Voluntary Relinquishment  01/06/2018  N/A 
HBIS Company Ltd., Chengde Branch  Chengde  Hebei  China  Voluntary Relinquishment  20/07/2021  170904 Product- AS/NZS 
Ferriere Nord  Osoppo  Udine  Italy  Certified  05/09/2017  170905 Product- AS/NZS 
Kroman Çelik Sanayii A.Ș    Darica   Turkey  Certified  16/10/2017  171001 Product- AS/NZS 
Celsa Huta Ostrowiec Sp. z o.o  Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski    Poland  Certified  29/01/2018  180102 Product- AS/NZS 
Diler Iron and Steel  Dilovasi  Kocaeli  Turkey  Certified  19/07/2019  190701 Product- AS/NZS 
Dongkuk Steel    Pohang  Korea  Certified  17/10/2019  191002 Product- AS/NZS 
İçdaş Çeli̇k Enerji Tersane Ve Ulaşim Sanayi A.Ş.     Çanakkale  Turkey  Certified  27/05/2020  200502 Product- AS/NZS 
PJSC ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih    Kryvyi Rih  Ukraine  Certified  21/07/2020  200705 Product- AS/NZS 
InfraBuild Steel  Laverton  VIC  Australia  Certified  01/11/2003  311021 Product- AS/NZS 
InfraBuild Wire  Mayfield  NSW  Australia  Certified  01/11/2003  31103 Product- AS/NZS 
NatSteel Holdings Pty Ltd  Singapore Mill    Singapore  Certified  01/05/2004  405021 Product- AS/NZS 
Pacific Steel  Otahuhu  Auckland  New Zealand  Certified  01/05/2004  405031 Product- AS/NZS 
Amsteel Mills SDN BHD  Banting  Selangor  Malaysia  Voluntary Relinquishment  31/07/2014  N/A 
Southern Steel  Prai  Penang  Malaysia  Voluntary Relinquishment  01/10/20  N/A 
Nervacero SA  Valle de Trapaga  Biscay  Spain  Certified  01/11/2009  911021 Product- AS/NZS