Certification Application

Applying for ACRS Certification

The ACRS office will respond to any enquiry for certification in a clear and efficient manner. When ACRS and the applicant firm have agreed that an application will proceed, the applicant is required to submit an application which consists of a completed application form with the required supporting documentation and a completed and signed Certification Agreement. Upon receipt, ACRS issues an invoice for the relevant application fees and associated costs (e.g travel). An application will only be considered complete (and a date set for travel and assessment) when the completed application form, all necessary supporting documents and full payment of the invoice have been received.

ACRS Procedures after Receipt of Application

There are 5 stages to the assessment process

  1. Confirmation of scope of Application for Approval
  2. Review of the supporting documentation provided with the completed application form and payment of the ACRS invoice
  3. Pre-Evaluation review, including supplier's manufacturing history and ongoing test results (if any)
  4. Evaluation of the site, or sites manufacturing or supplying to AS/NZS Standards
  5. Independent testing of samples selected by ACRS assessors at the site audit and review of results against AS/NZS Standards requirements

On satisfactory completion of all stages a decision is made by the Audit Committee and a Certificate, or Certificates of Approval may be issued.

Timeframe for certification decision by ACRS

ACRS will consider the application date for initial evaluation for certification, or annual continuation of certification, to be the date of receipt by ACRS of a completed application form and (for all assessments, regardless of type) all required information, data and applicable fees.

As a general guide, the timeframe to initial decision on certification from the is 3- to 6-months. The process may take longer should additional assessment be required.

Regrettably, incomplete applications cannot be processed and any additional time from receipt of an incomplete application to ACRS receipt of all outstanding information or fees shall be in addition to the above timeframe.

Applications for initial evaluation for certification must be completed within 12-months of the application date. Should the initial evaluation process not be completed within 12-months of the application date, that application may be considered void. If so, a new application for Approval must be submitted. Additional fees may be payable in such cases.

Maintenance of Approval

ACRS reissues certificates annually.

ACRS performs annual evaluation of approved sites. These evaluations are undertaken to assure ACRS of the continued compliance of the approved firms products and systems. These may be supplemented by unannounced evaluations and/or additional product testing.

Mandatory reports from each certified site of test result data from all materials types supplied from that site to any AS/NZ Standard covered by the ACRS Scheme must be provided to ACRS for verification every three-months. Failure to provide any report may result in suspension or withdrawal of certification.

In addition, a Certified Firm must pay all applicable fees & charges to retain certified status.