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In February 2016 ACRS asked industry and stakeholders to have their say on “The Future of ACRS”, asking “What do you think of ACRS? What should ACRS be doing? Or not doing? What steel and related products should ACRS assess and certify, and how?”

Initial responses provided a wide and diverse range of opinions in respect of its structure and certification schemes, including future expansion opportunity and its current and possible future industry roles and communication mechanisms.

As a result, in June 2016 the ACRS Board engaged respected industry consultancy, Think Insight to conduct a detailed consultation with over 50 key-contacts from 11 stakeholder groups in Australia and New Zealand, and internationally. This in-depth engagement process has recently been completed and the ACRS Board benefited from the results at its meeting on 5th and 6th October at which a general consensus for the path forward was plotted and a strategy is currently being developed in line with the direction provided by the workshop participants.

The Board is committed to ensuring a forward-looking ACRS with resilient governance and proactive management structures to future-proof ACRS against the challenges ahead in a dynamically competitive steel environment. ACRS expects to see the draft action plan put to its December 2016 board meeting.

We see our assessment processes and fee models needing to meet the developing requirements of current and future ACRS certificate holders and certificate users, whilst also ensuring our core stakeholders recognise the value and diversity of our offer delivering a professional, world-class, valued and reliable resource both to the steel sector and their end-use customers in respect of steel quality and compliance.

ACRS will publish further releases as proposals are appraised and developed.

For and on behalf of the ACRS board of directors,


Philip Sanders

Executive Director

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