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Scheme Costs

ACRS is a non-profit organisation and is fully self-funded. The costs of ACRS evaluation activities are covered by specific Evaluation fees. ACRS operation and its administration of the Scheme are funded by a levy charge on the total tonnages manufactured and supplied to certified Standards by each Certified Firm.

ACRS Evaluations (usually including test sampling at evaluations), plus the associated periodic performance and data reviews are funded through the cost-neutral fee charged for each evaluation. It is required that Evaluation fees will be paid in full in advance of Evaluation. 
ACRS Evaluations operate on a three-year cycle with an Initial Evaluation in Year 1, and a Surveillance Evaluation in each of Year 2 and Year 3. The same cycle will be repeated in following years. Additional Evaluations may be undertaken by the Authority where required by the Scheme Rules.
Additional costs, such as international travel, or additional Assessor hours and any testing fees incurred beyond the nominal allowance included in the standard Evaluation fee (usually one steel grade) will be charged on top of the Evaluation fee, where appropriate. 
Current annual Evaluation Fees are as follows:


Certification Type Initial Evaluation Surveillance Evaluation
Excl. GST Incl. GST1 Excl. GST Incl. GST1

Mill manufacturers
1    Bar2
$15,750 $17,325 $8,650 $9,515
2    Bar-in-Coil2
$15,750 $17,325 $8,650 $9,515
3    Wire $12,850 $14,135 $7,400 $8,140
4    Prestress3 $12,850 $14,135 $7,400 $8,140
5    Hollow Sections
$15,750 $17,325 $8,650 $9,515
6    Hot rolled flats4
$15,750 $17,325 $8,650 $9,515
7    Plate and/or Slab4
$15,750 $17,325 $8,650 $9,515
8    Structural Bars/Sections $15,750 $17,325 $8,650 $9,515
9    Welded I-Sections
$15,750 $17,325 $8,650 $9,515
10    Quenched and Tempered Plate4
$15,750 $17,325 $8,650 $9,515
11    Structural Steel Bolts
Processors and fabricators
12  Bar processors5 $7,700 $8,470 $4,800 $5,280
13  Mesh manufacturers
$10,500 $11,550 $6,200 $6,820
Technical Approval
14   Coupler system manufacture
15   Prestress manufacture

1 GST to be paid at 10% where applicable.
2 Where a mill manufactures both bar and bar-in-coil at the same location, only one evaluation fee is payable.
3 Stress relaxation tests are not included in the evaluation fees, and are charged separately.
4 Where a mill manufactures or transforms both HR Flat, Plate/slab, Quenched and tempered plateboth plate and slab at the same location, only one evaluation fee is payable.
5 Includes all supply of finished wire and mesh products from these sites.


From 1 July 2017, ACRS will begin charging a fee for each certificate issued. From 1 July 2018, the Certificate fee will completely replace the tonnage levy fee, which will be withdrawn. Certificate fees will be included on the assessment fee invoices.

The interim fees for the period 1 July 2017 to 30 June 2018 are shown in the table below.These fees are 50% of the full planned certificate fee applicable from 1 July 2018. GST is charged on all certificate fees, as the related services are provided in Australia.

Certification Type Fee per certificate
($ AUS) Including GST

Mill Manufacturer $2,200
Technical Approval (Mill) $1,650
Technical Approval (Product) $825
Processors & Fabricators $495


In addition to evaluation fees, ACRS charges a levy in cents per tonne of manufactured or processed materials for all materials covered by an ACRS certificate. Where volumes supplied by a firm are low and for firms holding a Non Producer Certificate a minimum levy called the "minimum administration charge" is charged.
Levies or minimum administration charge
A discount of 10% may be applied for all levy payments received by ACRS within 21-days of the date shown on invoice. No exceptions can be made. Australian GST is payable on all levy and minimum administration charge payments.
From 1 July 2017, the tonnage levy has been reduced by 50% from the previous rate, and from 1 July 2018 the tonnage levy will be withdrawn entirely.
The levy fees for the period 1 July 2017 to 30 June 2018 are shown in the table below.




Certification Type Levy on Certified Tonnes
in cents per tonne
Minimum Administration Charge2
Incl. GST4 Incl. GST4

Mill manufacturers (Types 1-11) 15.89¢ $4,950
Processors and fabricators5 (Types 12 and 13)
7.95¢ $1,815
Technical Approvals (Types 14-15)6 POA $POA

1 Levy to be paid twice yearly in two equal instalments on tonnages submitted confidentially to Nexia Court & Co annually.
2 Where the declared tonnage provides less than the minimum administration charge, the minimum administration charge will be applied.
3 The minimum administration fee will be invoiced in two equal instalments, each of 50% of the total applicable amount shown, above. 
4 GST is to be paid at 10%.
5 Includes supply of all finished wire and mesh products from these sites.
6 Due to the individual nature of Technical Approvals, administration levies for Technical Approvals will will be determined by ACRS on a case by case basis.

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