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Following to our February update, we are pleased to announce the following developments in our ongoing strategic renewal program:

  • All remaining assessments have been completed and certificates issued for 2017 to compliant companies.
  • The ACRS Board meeting on 28 February considered a number of proposals to improve ACRS' efficiency and effectiveness. It was agreed that stakeholders and certificate holders should be given until the end of March to discuss and comment on these important proposals:
    • Restructuring ACRS’ fees and charges to deliver enhanced services and value to both certificate holders and certificate users
    • Fine tuning ACRS’ “All products, all locations” rule currently applied to the entire range of materials supplied by the ACRS certified firm to AS/NZS steel standards to permit “All product, all locations, by Product Class” for companies who do not desire to have their entire range of products certified.
    • Review of ACRS’ governance model and structure
    • Review of options for the future scope of ACRS’ operations

All stakeholders and certificate holders are therefore invited to contact the ACRS Executive Director directly in order to understand further the proposed changes, and so they can ensure their comments are reviewed by the ACRS Executive committee at its meeting on April 12th.

It is anticipated that the next ACRS Board meeting on May 31st will finalise the first stage of the changes, as well as considering the next stage of the renewal process.

ACRS is continuing to develop its scheme renewal program and we look forward to communicating further with all our stakeholders as we begin implementation.

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